To encourage Senior golfers to join in a competition with one another for a fun day once a week during the summer at Highland and Riverside golf courses. Play begins late April and continues until the first of October.


Any senior who is the age of 50 and above shall be eligible. Players’ do not have to have an established handicap to start play. If you don’t have a handicap one will be calculated for you using 80% of stated 18-hole score. Players need to complete a membership form and pay an annual fee, $10.00, before starting play.


Handicap information we are using this year that we did not use prior years are course ratings and slope rating for each course. Each course has a different rating and slope for each tee. This makes it more equitable between all the courses. Maximum handicap is 45. Minimum points 10.


Format shall be Net play, Chicago, scramble, or best ball with two (2) divisions, “Senior” and “Super Senior”. The Senior division will start at age 50. The Super Senior division will start at age 70 and above. Players turning 70 before October 1, shall move to the Super Seniors division, front tees, at the start of the year. If there are twenty (20) or more players in any division, then an additional flight(s) will be created. USGA rules will be used.


Foursomes are recommended. However single players and twosomes will be placed with others to complete a full foursome. If you are playing in a five some you will start at the back of the tournament. Pace of Play shall be 4 hours 15 minutes.


  • Starting in 2018 there will be an annual fee of $10.00 to cover the cost of a new handicap system and web site.
  • Entry fees will be $5.00 per player per event. All prize money will be club house credit.
  • Money for the prizes will come from the tournament fees in each division and will go towards the Closet to the Pin in each division. There will be a cap of no more than $10.00 for each prize.


  • All final scores will be calculated, recorded, and posted following tournament play. Handicap information will be stored on a master list and updated after each event.
  • Contact – Ryan Smith, idahogolfpro@hotmail.com - 208-232- 9515 – Glen Lattin, golfisus1@aol.com - 208-251- 7135.